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Do you plan on remodeling or renovating your kitchen? If so, Charles River Cabinetry has the products, services and expertise to get the job done right! We have name brand cabinets, and countertops that will fit the look of any new kitchen design, and fit the budgets of all our customers! Remodeling your kitchen can be very difficult and stressful; that is why it is important to have a company that can readily provide you with all the supplies you need, and be with you every step of the way, from the consultation to the final project! Let’s go over the process we take when helping our customers remodel their kitchen.

We will set up a free consultation with every customer to go over their goals, and what their desired look is. You can come to our showroom in Waltham MA, or we can visit you at your home or office. During the consultation, we will sit with you and go over different designs and looks. We will help you choose the best design and product that will match your look and fit into your budget. We have a product called the 20/20 Design Program that will create a rendition of your kitchen, allowing us to show you a few sample looks of what your new kitchen will look like with new cabinets and or countertops. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied and in love with the new design of cabinets/countertops you chose!

At our showroom, we have a wide range of cabinets and countertop designs for you to choose from. For cabinets, we have a variety of designs, shapes, colors and name brands. We provide high end cabinets like the Medallion and Kitchen Craft line, and we also have money saving cabinets like the Homecrest and the Legacy Cabinetry. We also have a wide range of different countertops for you to choose from including: marble, granite, engineered quartz, and laminate products. Our wide selection of both cabinets and countertops will help assure a look that will please all of our customers at the right price, too!

Our design team will be with you every step of the way, from the first consultation all the way through the design and installation project.

Our goal is to provide a kitchen remodeling project that will go above and beyond all of our customer’s expectations. With communication and hard work, we will help you create a kitchen that you only imagined in your dreams! Come on down to Waltham MA, or give us a call at 781-609-2079, and we will help you with all you kitchen remodeling needs!

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact us here.

  • Mark Ciano
    Design Specialist
    Mark Ciano heads our Design Specialist Division. He has a 10 year history of hands on construction of kitchens and baths. For the past 20 years he has served builders and home owners from Boston to Cape Cod to Sturbridge to New Hampshire focusing on a high level of customer care in the cabinet industry.
  • A crew of talented, insured installers is available to both home owners and builders.

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